Hi ! I am currently a freelance R&D engineer, and founder at Noise Makers.

I work on procedural sound synthesis, 3D audio and multimodal interactions.

Applications include games, virtual environments and music.

Yet, I can not find time to maintain this website.

For latest projects please visit www.noisemakers.fr.

News September 2014: Noise Makers just released a Beta of Procedural Ambient Noise Orchestra (PANO) plugin.

News November 2013: Short demo of interactive audio done during my postdoc at CNRS-LMA (Physis Project). CMMR 2013 paper describes the general framework, see Publications.

News July 2013: SPAD v0.2 (beta) with OSC support is now available for Mac.

News June 2013: Siren won the OwlSim patch contest ! See what it can do below.

News February 2013: The environmental sound synthesizer SPAD is available for download !

News February 2013: SPAD Demo with Unreal Engine

News 2010: Sounds from my Ph.D. thesis

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